Thngstruction is a word combination made out of "Things" and "Instruction". The "Things" part refers to the Internet of Things (IoT), which is (or is likely going to be) the myriad of small and smart devices which exchange data with each other or cloud services. And "instruction" in this case means code instructions, as in code suitable for running on microcontrollers. Which is what you can produce with this service!

The "small devices" part of the IoT refers to constrained devices - that is, embedded microcontrollers with typically limited capabilities with respect to processing power, RAM or networking. Programming constrained devices can be challenging - that's where Thingstruction likes to help you.

The power of IoT comes with the ability of devices to talk to each other. This is highly dependant on radio transmission technologies, protocols, the ability to speak TCP/IP and much more. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has undertaken efforts to formulate an interface description for smart devices/things - the so called Thing Description - within its Web of Things Interest Group. This is a good basis for modeling Devices and access to devices via APIs!

This web site here is personal work of me. I like the idea of capturing knowledge in models, apply transformations on these models and finally generate source code from it. Thngstruction let's you do just that: Model a smart device according its properties, actions and events comparable to W3C's WoT Thing Descriptions, select am embedded target and generate code for accessing that device via its network interface.

This service is free of charge. The codebase is Open Source. Feel free to try it for personal and/or educational use and let me know wether you find it useful.